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  • Castle of Capdepera

    Capdepera 2

    One of the largest and best preserved castles of Majorca. Situated on the northeast coast it offers a great panoramic view. By good weather conditions   the island of Menorca  can be spotted.

  • Caves of Arta

    Arta 1

    The last of the trio formed by the  most famous Majorca´s caves. (Drach, Hams and Arta).   Spectacular dripstone caves with a  wide open entrance over the sea.  Its 22 m tall  stalagmite “the Queen” counts  to the biggest in Europe.

  • Caves of Drach

    Drach 1

    The most famous and  visited ones.  A real underground kingdom of stalactites and stalagmites.  Lovely classical music concert on the lake Martel .   A possibility of a short boat ride.  Let´s your imagination fly!

  • Caves of Hams

    Hams 3

    Discovered  in 1905, they owe their name to the peculiar form of stalactites found inside. “Hams” means fishing hook in Majorcan dialect. Comparing to the neighboring Caves of  Drach these are more intimate and colorful.

  • Formentor

    Formentor 2

    Without any doubt the most representative image of  Majorca.  Deep blue sea water, impressive  white cliffs, peace and quiet.   Es Colomer  viewpoint.